Sawing and Milling

We do not confine ourselves to standard products.

Schmies offers a lot of processing options to ensure our client have plenty of process-optimized choices.

Sawing to tight tolerances, premilled shaped items or pre turned and drilled building components – we can supply them all on time and to the highest standards of precision.

Production plant

Amada HFA 400 automatic band saw:

Sawing range: Ø 5.00 – 420 mm

Automatic band saw Amada HFA 700:

Sawing range: Ø 100 – 700 mm

Automatic band saw Kasto:

Sawing range: Ø 5.00 – 320 mm

Behringer automatic band saw:

Sawing range: Ø 5.00 – 360 mm

Trennjaeger panel saw:

max. thickness: 200 mm

 max. width:1000 mm

Tos Kurim milling machine:

max. length: 1200 mm

max. width:400 mm

max. height: 400 mm